Our Mission 

At Rush Innovation, we are committed to building the best direct marketing campaigns in the world. 

About Us 

To deliver an approach that offers sustainable growth, greater collaboration, and the development of talent in every form.


Rush Innovation 

rush innovation

Rush Innovation continues to work alongside leading retailers to implement solutions that address today's challenges and tomorrow's opportunities. 

Rush Innovation is one of Greensboro’s leading sales and marketing firms. We work with global industry leaders to provide the most efficient direct sales and marketing strategy, convert that strategy to actions and deliver the sustainable success they desire.



Offices Nationwide


States Represented


Fortune 500 Cients


Team members working on our retail program are responsible for representing our clients within the walls of big box retailers. Their focus is making professional marketing and sales presentations on an inside sales and marketing basis rather than the traditional approach of outside sales. Our team is able to acquire quality, long-term customers for our clients while driving revenue for Rush Innovation and our big box retail partners, allowing for a domino effect of success.

rush innovation

Our exceptional reputation for professionalism and integrity has allowed us to partner with major national retailers to launch our newest platform of retail business development.